People wishing to escape, take a free name, live better than national country has been, and work for something more real than Babylon. Many young professionals are tired of their jobs, their vacuous toys, and they are tired of serving the market realities of Babylon and would like to serve the world in a positive way.

They don't know who they are. They want to be called something new, to experiment. If one is in industry, one sees that only the top and the few new actually gain enough money power to motivate new work; one wishes to see ones own dreams, and the dreams of those whom one deems worthy, actualized.

Workers are tired from driving around, fighting traffic, only to make enough money at what they do to keep driving around and fighting traffic. There is what seems to be a whole new generation of people, from the industrialized countries, wanting to take off, to see what they could see, to find, and hopefully enter somewhere into a life style that is both productive and appropriate.

Harmonious manufacturing teams, ready with the most advanced yet reasonably priced products, ready to provide, only to find great difficulty. Furthermore, lack of a good indexing system for the internet is not enabling the distribution and acceptance of these unknown but high quality new products.

Citizens are frustrated by temporary officers hired by the tax and war system, authorized to rob by infractions, a system created by lawyers who benefit in the ancillary legal implications of the system of laws they voted in favor of. The parasitic elite of policemen, judges, lawyers, and prosecutors guards its elite position carefully by making sure that application of law is unequal.

Rowdyism and salesmanship has begun to play with people's financial accounts, which should be kept safely by those who had been considered trustworthy, instead of them playing with it.

The number of communications networks provides a lot more jobs, yet reaches much smaller audiences, therefore, there is not always huge scale money to be made, just regular scale. Commercial messages are not always profitable. Big brands are falling in market share, and many smaller brands are coming up.

Machine production of agriculture and common manufactured goods has reached a level where not everyone needs to work excessive hours to produce all that is needed by everyone. It is difficult to comprehend why one must struggle so hard to get the necessary things, when there is so much abundance in production.

Plenty of expressors want to sell their art, there needs to be enough money to buy it. We grow tired of seeing a main company selling all the goods that are bought, of one getting all the fame, and a thousand having naught. Every one who produces something good should have a path provided to market it. Nowadays, the big companies of the 20th century are flagging, and small companies are seeking to get some of the market to buy their products.

Scientists holding advanced technologies like antigravity, Tesla energy, and other, are not presently helped by money sources to develop and deliver what they have to offer. They need authorized motivation.

Changing from what it was to what it is...

Do you want to know where this is going? Lets talk about what will happen (should nothing be at large) when our planet becomes technologically advanced like other nearby planets. Other planets like ours / that are far away, who have acheived intersteller travel generally suffer (with new exceptions) from the following:

One top achiever in every field, the only famous one, takes most of the prizes, while everyone else remains poor and unknown.

The biggest swindlers in the world getting big power in government and business and staying there...

Banks that charge excessive penalties but there are no alternatives available.

Most of the lands of the world gobbled up by big money-power interests.

A big-brother company like Microsoft monopolizing information industries by jumping on every market that shows up with a neatly legal near copy of original work the independant i-t developers had worked so hard on.

A conspiracy of the evil and greedy to boost pharmaceutical prices and raise doctor rates.

Congress has become a place where cunning schemers hide their bribes under seemingly legitimate bills of law.