1/ The enlivenment of banks and other financial organizations: worthy banks and financial institutions will not go insolvent and fold up because of bad loans, thanks to ongoing positive output of capital issued by governments.

2/ Funding for the medical needs of most every citizen will eliminate deformities, stop disease before it gets out of control, and lengthen life. This, of course will be conditioned by advancements in science, the proper use of money (authorized motivation) and the training of physicians to heal naturally. Non-conventional (spiritual) health care providers will find adequate payments from abundant clients, as opposed to today, when it is difficult for non-conventional practices to financially endure

3/ Money for infrastructure like highways and mass transit will come easily, even though cars will be superceded by better technology, cooperative ride sharing will eliminate need for most people to own cars

4/ Spiritual teachings will receive higher donations.

5/ Improved ability of ordinary people to procure advanced nutrition products will lead to growth in human height, toward 8 feet tall in upcoming centuries, and 9 feet ultimately

6/ Under Free Issuance, taxes become voluntary. Negative issuances of taxes and penalties that make governments unpopular are become an imaginary burden, and they don't need to carry on with them.

7/ More attention will be paid to space flight. Space programs provide high paying jobs that challenge intelligent people.

8/ For entrepreneurs, it will be much easier to get money to do any smart thing

9/ Education will be free of charge. No more student loans to worry about. Each person should have an opportunity for free education, to learn those things that they personally really can learn, and in which case the individual's self-enrichment benefits the whole.

10/ Stock Markets can be directed to double and triple in value. Old style interest bearing investment instruments will prove tediously slow compared to fast moving stocks (this is if you issue money and it gets to stock markets).

11/ Every rightful enterprise and good work of art should be supported by the authorized motivation of the state, or donated by a voluntary council of concerned taxpayers. Persons desiring to persue artistic and musical endeavors will find adequate support and audiences who can in fact afford to buy their art or music if they want it. You won't have to be the absolute top to make a decent living in the arts, thanks to the generosity of many people who have money (this is if you issue money and see to it that it gets to artists).

12/ Things that "money just can't buy" will no longer be for sale.

13/ People who use their money in a way that harms others will have it taken away. People who harm others to get money will not be allowed to enjoy it.

14/ People will be able to engage in any productive and positive occupation that nature created them to do.

15/ The study of economics will become the study of how to fund things, instead of what cannot be done, which was based on the faulty principles of Dismal Economics

16/ Small Businesses will not fail in bad times. There will be no bad times if government releases funds at the right rate for the things that are needed.

17/ People who never had money before will have money. This only happens if your government does something positive. The end result of people having enough money (food - clothing - shelter - health - medicine - education ) is that they engage in the search for knowledge and wisdom, consciousness (in an esoteric sense) and personal perfection. New nations with believable issuances of money will rise as old nations with bad issuances will fall.




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