"The information I sent out
interfered fatally with theinterests
of the tax-and-war conspiracy"

Sur les rochers song on les verra plowvier
Blood will be seen to rain on the rocks
Nostradamus 5Q62 -

The Paradigm Dragon is knocked from the sky.

"A paradigm is a model for how things are. It is so deeply believed as to be unexaminable by the person who holds to that paradigm. A paradigm is an unconscious belief that organizes the perception of reality. ......A paradigm is not examined or questioned and almost all of what we know to be "true" is paradigm derived. It is not possible to think for yourself until you become aware of the nature of paradigms and conscious of your own particular paradigms. Very few people ever attempt this, and fewer still master it."




Step One: Set two to fighting
Step Two: Sell them both weapons
Step Three: Report news as LIES
Step Four: Make people pay taxes to support the war
Step Five: Collect the tax money in Weapons sales
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Dismal Economics was the dominant paradigm.
It stated that if citizens don't pay their taxes, there would be inflation. The IMF in one place we know of, had 28 "economic" paradigms that any insect would fall for. An insect hearted sorceror like Mr. Greenspan were, was trained to overwhelm the simple minds of store-bought-politicians with crippling subnumbing lies, so as to enslave many of the people of the world.

The principal of the enemy is to use unjust ways to connive and stop anyone from getting free of their dirty yoke. To me, and to all USC sovereign citizens, their yoke is a joke, and we laugh uproariously, when they try to get us to go along with their lousy "economic" system, tax and war, and babybrainedbabylon.

With the passing of the Tax and War Conspiracy (that fostered wars and reported them as news in order to collect taxes) it is time to stop fearing the unseen terror and embrace the new wave of purposeful money issuance.

The principles of FREE ISSUANCE, that the real value of an issuance is directly proportional to the real and perceived virtues of the issuer, subverted the dominant paradigm, which said that "deficit spending causes inflation". The new wave is change, the new paradigm is that objective improvement in national values leads to national currency becoming uplifted, enlivened.

FREE ISSUANCE overcame DISMAL ECONOMICS by proving that inflation is caused by one national government inflicting its ways on a foreign people by force. Free Issuance is gradually burying Free Markets in wet concrete of new money issuances.




Their theory, the dominant paradigm, that "deficit spending causes inflation", was designed by them to make the middle class feel guilty, so as to pay their taxes. For the final decades of the tax and war conspiracy, Greenspan's role was to make people feel guilty, that if they did not pay their taxes, they had caused inflation and hurt everyone.

It was, from one angle, a big gang that fooled everyone into believing that if they did not pay them taxes, there would be inflation. Thus, it was all about red ink, deficits. And after all those years, the RED INK GANG, Greenspan and Co., had everyone thinking that they need to become slaves to debt. .

The inflation they have created comes as a result of their designs to make money by selling arms. It was really a mercurial thing they did, the conspirators placed the issuance of currency at the behest of the free market, crime has been an easy way of life. The crime they were best at was to say that they could not issue money, there was only deficit spending. Then, they would print and issue all the money they wanted, and hide it in secret vaults underground.

That was actually decided upon by the criminal empire of the IMF, which new that one day it, or any of its insect hearted allies, would have to take charge, and then they would have limitless money to expend on acts of oppression.

For decades, the thousands of media companies owned and operated by the then Lions of finance built up this image of Greenspan, such that he is given credit for getting money to people, when in reality, by telling everyone to borrow from the IMF, he has kept people from having money.

They, the adherents of Dismal Economics, scions of the formerly powerful IMF will tell you, there is a difference between what you can and cannot do with regards to Free Issuance. They have gone so far as to make 500 Principal robots, which they hoped to release to dominate and destroy the puny planet that dared rebel against the insect brains who think they ought to have all the power and keep everyone as sleeping economic units for the convenience of their own material gathering.

As it has already been told, Greenspan is dead, committed suicide July 19, 2001 Red Lunar Earth. I know, I was there, in New Mexico. My buddy the Sorceror had the power. He had chased Bush out of the White House and they were hiding in a cold shallow mountain. Greenspan started out on a car trip. After a few days driving around doing nothing, he killed himself in a Motel Room by drinking a poison black. I would expect the body is still cold.

But Greenspan never did anything for me. Even though he killed himself, there were still others in nearly exact copy, his born-duplicates, a lookalike, a landlord body, an advanced capital Robot?

Likewise, the tax system is dead. The dragon is slain. The truth about free issuance is being uncovered by you.


In reality, any mandatory tax is indirect is the work of parasites. There will be no such taxes in the enlightened future. If there is a group of taxpayers collecting money from themselves, they will then themselves vote to decide who that money will be sent to.

In the final analysis, Dismal Economics has nothing to offer. It is no longer necessary to run an economy on training wheels like a child's bicycle. It is not necessary to capitulate to what one imagine's large countries find desireable, and especially not capitulate to the International Monetary Fund, whose ideas I have handily refuted.