There is absolutely no need to charge taxes to anyone, not one red penny. This is because national governments have full and absolute authority to issue money, all that is needed. The Populist Criminal Dictators proved that. The Popuiist Criminal Dictators valorously issued money to build up their weapons systems. We are not in support of Criminals nor Dictators, only Populists. The Populists will issue money for the good of the people.

National governments making use of this information owe ELLESYS consulting .005% of money issued. This amount goes up 10 times, to .05% if the request for payment is ignored. It goes up to .5% and 5% if subsequent requests for payment are ignored. If anyone wishes to hire me directly on a consulting salary, requirements are $100,000 per year, and the rest we'll just let go of.

The economists at are available to build and rebuild every aspect of national economies. I am looking for the role of providing economy to the people of a nation or nations.

The economics I promote, Free Issuance, is a working economics system, as opposed to bankrupt dismal economics, newly a thing of the past.

As chief economics advisor, I promise economic growth on the order of 20% to 250% annually until everyone has what they really need. I can do that because Free Issuance is not encumbered by income nor other taxes.

Free Issuance is not limited by deficit thinking, as is a dismal economic system. Taxes are a thing of the past, under the auspices of a high and equitable issuer, who knows that any criminal dictator could issue as much money as he wanted and not refer to any international bank or other authority.

Backed up by ELLESYS, your national currency will have complete face value recognition. Let ELLESYS come in and show you the way to issue money so that the people have a sane economy.