of Dismal Economics

What was believed to be true (prior to 2000 AD) is here & now proven erroneous and wrong.

We say there is no need to carry on presuming that taxes are somehow necessary, because in reality,

the real value of an issuance, the value of issued money:
is based on the real and perceived virtues of the issuer.

It is most virtuous that people are compensated by the issuing body proportionately to how much they helped society. That is what it takes to enable excellence to rise to the top. When excellent rises to the top, then the society of the issuer has money which is worth more. If viewed competitively, virtues must be increased relentlessly so that the national purchasing power does not drop relative to others.

The overall question is one of the value of the virtues. This means that the value of their money will be equal with the real and perceived virtues of its issuer.

There are 65,000 possible virtues (many of them unique enjoyments posted by various issuance centers) that can perhaps affect or effect the value of a currency. Its asked from the point of view of the people that live there. They ask: can a guy make a call and immediately get a job? Do people find occupations that are suited to them? Am I free to gather peacefully with others and express what we want to say? Can one walk the streets at night without fear? Does every one have a near-equal amount of money, or are there high flights of discrepancy?

The top level of Economics is concerned with money issuance - the directive force of authorized motivation directs everyone what to do. Supply and demand theories are a lower level of economic theory. The idea that National and State Governments cannot issue their own money was developed by criminals who sought to concentrate wealth in their own hands.

TAXES, as they have been, are completely unnecessary for funding, because ISSUANCE does that. Taxes in the past existed to OBFUSCATE THE FIGURES while a parasitic group took what it considered to be its "share".

Just because you issue money does not mean there will be inflation. Inflation was the result of one nation invading another. There is a 13% inflation from invasion purportedly for various national ends, and a 30,000% inflation from full out, war-crime scale invasion. Various explanations to cover-up these phenomena were created by a weapons industry interested in profiting by death.

SPELLING IT OUT: If the people become worthless, or the money becomes worthless, both are modes of failure.


IMF means: Insect-Hearted Computers

The Prince of Perversity, a sea snail criminal family scion, once presumed himself to be the economic authority, but that has been taken away from him for his fraudulent ways.