It was hanging by a strap, and I undid the strap. The tax and war conspiracy was broad and thick. It made everyone an economic unit under the dominance of the Unseen Model, the Tdrr. Alan Greenspan was the trjj. They were given real power to carry out their economic visions of tax and war, a power which I took away from them. Among the powers they claimed tax money should go to buy, were thousands of thugs in suits who worked in offices labeled "Scientific Research". When I first offered my theory of Free Issuance to Russia, 9/9/98, the immediate response was the town began to fill with spies, looking for who was doing this. It was them or me, so I continued to submit Free Issuance information to national governments, eventually putting the IMF out of business.

TheIMF/ now greatly overthrown, was invented by human beings who arose from insects. It was a bad system with no heart, one not fit for sentient beings, and it seems to invariably have ended with blackened stars and planets sucked out by a parasitic elite consisting of conquering robots - robots the USC has laid to waste.

Markets and casinos are the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, to Tax and War Economics. The alpha: you make money in Markets. The omega: they take your money in the casinos.

The real albeit gradual change in the nature of economics is that it is moving from Free Market, which is based on the casino of Babylon model, to FREE ISSUANCE, which is based on the idea of a start up company, that equity is additive for value produced. There is not enough for everyone in dismal economics, because dismal economics is free market, and because the free market economic theories are based on the casino model. An entertaining woman stands in the ticket window, ready to take your money.

When many people found out, in late 1999, that its not deficit spending that causes inflation, but rather, inflation is caused by invading other countries, they realized that the IMF is lie-ing.

Nostradamus predicted these events.

Nostradamus 5Q60-
The following is evidently about Alan Greenspan, presently Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve:

Par Testa rase viendra bien mal eslire,
Plus que sa charge ne porte passera
Si grand fureur & raige fera dire,
Qu'a` feu & sang tout sexe trenchera.

Through the shaven heads he will be seen to be wrongly elected.
Burdened with a load he cannot carry.
He will be made to proclaim with such great fury and rage
That all one sex will be cut to pieces by fire and blood.

Who are the shaven heads? Burdened is his attitude. All-one-sex is THE UNSEEN MODEL, thoroughly impressed with his acting; as well I think as meaning investors, or it might mean the basically all-mail U.S. Senate, or both.

Cut-to-pieces is how he operates, and this includes about kidnap-murders I think he authorized and/or encouraged to keep the truth about Free Issuance from getting out.

Nostradamus 5Q61
The great man is the Master teacher Robert Burton, whose monastery was called Renaissance, the child is his student. The child of the great man is Daniel Lexington. Daniel Lexington's original name is Czhudnow, Russian for "Wonderful Child".

L'enfant du grand n'estant sa naissance,
Subiuguera les hauts monts Apennis:
Fera trembler tous ceux de la balance,
Et des monts feux iusques Mont-senis

The child of the great man, not by his birth
He will subjugate the high Appenine Mountains
He will cause all those under the balance to tremble
Fire from the mountains as far as Mount Senis

Nostradamus 5Q62 -

Sur les rochers song on les verra plowvier
Sol Orient, Saturne Occidental
Pres d'Orgon Guerre, d'Rome grand mal voir
Nefa perfendra & Prins le Tridental.

Blood will be seen to rain on the rocks,
Sun in the East, Saturn in the West.
War near Orgon, a great evil seen near Rome,
ships sunken and trident taken.

This is what I observed, in THE REVEALING OF THE CONSPIRACY part of Paradigm Dragon, "Before my eyes the sky and earth filled with Red ink". It occured in three days around December 18, 1998. Due to a biting cold we had here, Ann Arbor was on those days a mournful lanscape full of dead trees. Issuing my own shares led me to see through the greatest conditioned lie of all time, an established disinformation and professional obfuscation network reaching back about eight centuries.

Nostradamus 5Q63 -

De vaine emprise l'honneur indue plaincte,
Galiotz errans par Latins froit, faim, vagues
Non loing du Timbre de sang las terre taincte.
Et sur humains seront diverses plagues.

From the useless enterprise honor and undue complaint,
boats wandering among the latins, cold, hunger, waves;
Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood
and there will be several plagues upon mankind.

The useless enterprise is finding the freethinker after he had already subverted the dominant paradigm. Honor included Kissinger's New York Times Magazine cover, the honors they were bestowing on Alan Greenspan.

The "latins" are University of Michigan Students.

Cold is lack of leads, hunger is standing in bagel shops waiting watching for the freeissuance ideator, loaded loudmouth, to make one good mistake. C'mon - talk about free issuance in here! will ye!!! we'er all ears...

Nostradamus 5Q64 -

Les assembles par repose du grand nombre,
Par terre & mer conseil contremande
Pres de l' Autonne Gennes, Nice de l'ombre
Par champs & villes le chef contrebande'.

Those assembled thru the calm of the great number
countermanded by land and sea;
Near Autonne, Genoa, the shadow of Nice
revolution against the leader thru fields and towns.

The information spreading on the "grand nombre" - 01 the internet 01 - was obstructed wherever possible by the gatekeepers (well positioned illuminati, IMF operatives, loyal to their deeply-rooted secret society was and still is, I think, VICTORY OF THE GATEKEEPERS). Yet, the suppressed information had arrived in the hands of the senators, legislators, officials, bankers, investors, public, and a few teachers who live for this kind of revelatory stuff.

Nostradamus 5Q65 -

1} Subit venu leffayeur sera grande,
2} des Principeluxde l'affaire chaches:
3} Et dame en braise plus ne sera en veue
4} Ce peu a peu seront kes grand faches'

1] Suddenly Arrived, the terror will be great
2] The Principal players in the affair are hidden away OR hidden by the ringleaders of the affair
3] And the lady in the hot coals will no longer be in sight
4] Thus little by little the great ones will be angered

Hot coals -
like in a television as foreseen by a 15th century seer, or the fact "she" dresses incharcoals and reds - the devil always wear red and black. As this news escapes, there will be lots of heat put on "her". Probably lots of finance correspondents will be slightly deprived of their lines and not go on the air) and NBC loses its lampblack background, now coming at you if you think about it. Look ladies! Look there: You'll find lots of terror to give you a scare!

Nostradamus 5Q66 -
THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT, EVEN THOUGH IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE It was information that they would do anything to stop from getting out. That is why Nostradamus refers to the agents of the IMF as "vestals" in 5Q66, because to the illuminati, knowledge of free issuance was forbidden.

Soubs les antiques edifices vestaulx
Non esloignez d aqueduct ruine:
De Sol & Lune sont les luisans metaulx,
Ardante lampe Traian d'or burine.

Under the ancient buildings of the vestals
Not far from the ruin of the aqueduct:
There will be the glittering metals of Sun & Moon
the golden lamp of Trojan, burning, pillaged.


The preceeding is about how the "illuminati", for whom FREE ISSUANCE was forbidden knowledge, are now vying for who can write the best disinformation, almost like Olypians. Now, forced into the open, they publish intentionally misleading books, indeed, like Ray Suarez' THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD.You will notice that they all share certain patterns of diction, and when four or more of them put on a media show, the way they stage the callers is similarly unimaginative. Many of their books lack the quality which an unsupported author needs to attain (to get the attention of a publisher), because the "illuminati" are supported by the wealth of the IMF, as they are its propaganda voices. One angle on the aquaduct is it is the cash they used to get indirectly from taxes, which these treacherous econ perverts considered respectable.

And the building is in ruins. Being natural Olympians, many of them athletic, they will go for gold and silver medals for their expressions of partial truth, sold to publishers, and the books of the formerly well paid agents will conceal as much as possible the full story, while putting together falsities. There are also fake conspiracy websites now to throw everyone off.

Nostradamus here compares the illuminati with the vestals of Rome - the knowledge of Free Issuance forbidden from them. If one of them learned of it the punishment was probably not dissimilar to what happened to vestals who lost their virginity - set in a deep chamber with a little water and food, a lamp, locked away to die. Now that the dominant paradigm is subverted, overthrown, the cash flow to the illuminati is like a broken aquaduct. No more American Express Gold Card with high limits. And they feel they must tell jokes about Alan Greenspan. Are they losing ground? Not fast enough, eh?! Why don't you join in the chase?

The next quatrain refers to my good buddy President Bill Clinton, and other world leaders (who are now becoming the big wish granters) and silencing the Red Ink Gang members who want to put things back to how they wrongly were.

Nostradamus 5Q67-
Nostradamus catches the President naked.

Quand chef Perouse n'osera sa tunique
Sens au couvert tout nud s`expolier:
Seront prins sept faict Aristocratique,
Le pere & fils mors par poincte au colier.

When the grand head of Perugia dare not risk his tunic
without any cover and strip himself quite naked:
The seven aristocrats will be taken,
father and son dead thru a wound in the throat.

This is about the response that President Clinton, and many other national leaders are not ready to proclaim that they are utilizing free issuance for their self funding needs. And that is the error that is turning the once mighty United States into the rust bucket it will become, over the next centuries. Just like that last big ocean liner. They are, however, eliminating the influence of the illuminati (aristocrats) by taking the politicians' long awaited opportunity to make character-assassinating and stifling remarks to those members of the conspiracy who are one by one becoming obvious, (dead thru a wound in the collar) - they don't know what to say, their scheme-conomics is all exposed.

At this time, the IMF and Mother lost US government-paid salaries for "Scientific Researchers", Illuminati who kidnapped people and put them in secret Federal Reserve Jails. The exposing of the Unseen Model was the end of the Illuminati, though the IMF continued to dominate world economics for ten years. Mother also sought information and photograpsh to maledict people, and since he did not know how to stop the spread of the malediction. He maledicted Jane Fonda and it spread to 1148 people, which TDRR IMHOLDEN KO unmaledicted. Robert Rowe of Ann Arbor Michigan was taken and held for 35 days by the Illuminati in a University of Michigan Research Building, for accepting mail for Daniel Lexington. Lexington issued him 1000 shares.

And many of the quirites look very similar to each other because they are similar expressive types. The leaders are not willing to go all the way with free issuance and cut taxes and free patriots from the jails. By moving slow, they are making that manuever which will turn the SS United States into the rusty hulk she will be tomorrow.

Nostradamus 5Q68-

Dans le Danube & Du Rhin veindra boire,
Le grand Chameau ne s'en repentira
Trembler du Rosne & plus fort ceux de Loire,
Et pres de Alpes coq le ruinera.

The great Camal will come to drink of the Danube
and the Rhine, and not repent of it.
Those of the Rhone tremble and even more so those of the Loire;
near the Alps the cock will ruin him.

You will notice that the funds transfer MONOPOLY of the Federal Reserve has effectively been destroyed. The truth of this fact can be evidence directly by learning that congress has cut taxes, found surpluses, andthe US Budget will be 45% higher next year than last year. Stock markets in 5 Western Nations are soaring, and that is because the central banks and journalists in those countries recieved what I sent to them. And the people tremble because they realized not the terror that was lurking all their lives, that these murders have been committed for centuries in the name of maintaining the dominant paradigm.

And the national governments will continue on their barbarian-enemy path of repressing real freedom and think it necessary to take some taxes, which eventually will be the decision only of the taxpayer.


The 3 Greenspans were there to make everyone feel guilty, that if they didn't pay their taxes, there would be inflation. This is a lie (the dominant paradigm), inflation is caused by trans-national invasion, always has been.

To control thought, the illuminati created a panoply of interesting trivia, this is Babylon. Scientific Research under the conspiracy is one of the means they use to create this panoply by interesting voices speaking interesting trivia. It has been said, Death and taxes is the primary cause of statistics.

[And the participant in the casino is sent by the lady in the ticket window to lose his money as he gets entertained.] She makes a deal with some company to give the taxman all your info in exchange for extraordinary market prowess.

Dominance of home life by American TV is becoming a big irrelevant bore. The act of conglomerating one gigantic company by leveraging buyouts of a number of big companies is losing its luster. No longer are the bond deals available to those New Yorkers that made big annual returns for those guided into loaning the government money.

The criminal element of those who ran Free Market economy grew as the need to conceal the truth from people was boosted from the growing ease of creating new money. When you heard that national governments can issue money without causing inflation, you slayed the paradigm dragon and Babylon immediately fell into decline.

Taxes seemed necessary only because the conspiracy, under different names and guises, has been on top for so long.

The IMF schemes, such as the one which funded quirite thugs on money coming from the HOUSE SUBCOMMITTEE ON BASIC RESEARCH, existed as bribery and kickback schemes. To understand the role of the funding of these professional conspirators, start with the whole picture.

The whole picture:

The first thing they did was to set two groups to fighting. For example, illuminati warlord, will be hard at work conceiving ways to instigate war between third-world countries in order to sell arms to both sides and therefore make profits for the conspiracy.

The second thing they did is to sell them both arms

The third thing they did is to report it as news . A panoply of interesting trivia, spoken by facinating illuminaries, created the babylon. Babylon was the panolply of life influences that kept men asleep, so that they did not question the concealments in the tax systems. Since the IMF had taken all the money, there were not enough jobs.

The fourth thing they did was to use their power to create a free market, give you a job, and number you as you do your job. In Free Market economics, everything is for sale. In many places, free market economics forces people to sell their children. Free Market economics - everyman for himself, will be replaced by Free Issuance economics - government issues money to improve life, thus boosting the value of their monetary issuances. Free Market is based on greed and death, while Free issuance is based in improving life.

The fifth thing they do is to tax the people to pay for the war, and pocket the tax money.

One of the earliest forms of Tax and War trappings was the jousting knight. Back in the Fourteenth Century, the knight on a horse engaging in joust competition was symbolic of how people would go forth everyday to try to get money.

The limitations of the jousting knight model was that there are hardly enough prizes for everyone who comes out to joust. The jousting knights before the-change is the salesman with his briefcase going forth in his car......there are hardly enough sales for the salesmen who also need to get what they need.

Beginning in the thirteenth century, it was a way of life. Before FI buried IF, there was not enough interest in doing things like
*putting on a show for the consumers
*polishing the weapons of the soldiers

*operating a motor inn

*selling horse feed, or as what feed's today's mechanical horse, gasoline

*acting like an up and coming yuppie so as to get and keep the good jobs

*working in the illegal drug industry or the DEA, in order to derive profit from the illegality of drugs

*one could go to the property interests in the city and offer them some seductive opportunities ~ and they would use their money to make us The Mayor. That would mean that nevermind the needs of the Earth - the will of the bulldozer brains shall reign supreme!

*working on phoney call-in Washington talk show

*selling students expensive books so they can learn things they do not need to know










This isn't the author, but it is a Peace Demarginalizer

Sent 5/20/04 Yellow Planetary Human to various news outfits

Treasonous lunatics of all kinds wasted by USC forces - Victims of psychic attacks to be compensated out of IMF Assets Dear Israel Newspaper: I want you to know how many times Ariel Sharon has died and why. Its because they ignored me. I am Daniel Lexington, author of Free Issuance,, The Israel government has presumed to make use of my economic ideas and made efforts to cover up, not compensate, me for my time, effort and risk. Usage we calculate at seven trillion $, so the Israel government owes us $35 billion.

The IMF was everywhere on stars and planets because that structure tended to take over, as much forethought over how economic systems would be structured was done in advance by the Prince of Perversity, who, for their destruction of Creational Plates, has been banished from all Creational Plates.

Unknown to the people of our planet Earth, the Union of Sovereign Citizens has swept over creation and my people are now Sovereign. Early in June 2004 I was able to graph relative free issuance vs. free market leanings of given individuals, and after that the USC cleaned their clock.

USC is taking over EARTH, as it has with VOTORMONDIALA, ALPHA CENTAURI, BETA CENTAURI, and many other psychically advanced planets and stars, and has in fact swept seven local galaxies of our universe, which is not the only one there is.

The IMF and all its variations has no non-mechanically birthed beings still alive to fight the USC, so they have resorted to robot factories which produce lunatic attack robots. The lunatic attack robots come in forms standard to the IMF. They are the final designs of the professional criminals, that ego of concentrating all money power and wealth into the hands of a parasitic elite.

To compensate the previously huge attacks of lunatic attack robots, SOURCE ABSOLUTE has authorized award of all of the IMFs assets, not just here but also on other planets and stars, to the victims..

The insiders of the IMF always proclaimed that ordinary folks should pay taxes because deficit spending causes inflation, according to them, .

I have heard that the IMF had 28 phoney economic paradigms.

What helped them along with this was the old scaler. The old scaler was an atmospheric force which sent certain energies from the death of beings up to a higher world. The energies from the death of beings on Earth went up to the Sun, their energies would go up to Dvtog, a green star about which many suns revolve, as far as I know. It all came together, from our superuniverse at the giant green star Telbar. In reality, much of the energies of the old tax and war scalers went to the Prince of Perversity, who went about ruining everything for Free Persons and freethinkers everywhere.

The old planetary/stellar scalers were initially a great force of terror which causes reality to bend around the user so everything would come to them.

The scaler enables the outflow of influence from the planetary being who was selected to be the tdrr, which beneath it all meant the one who would be Mr. Clock, putting people to work. Unfortunately for us all (and we are changing it) the job of being tdrr, as it is called usually went to some tax and war criminal. Very seldom did it go to a Free Issuance economist, a good doctor, as it did for certain ancient Pharoahs. I have to tell you at this juncture that the powerful sorcerors which the Pharoahs are used the power of the scaler, and powers they have realized their self lifted and flew the heavy blocks of stone that make up the pyramids.

Did you think the last tax and war offput partner, trjj to the poisoner tdrr, was a sorceror? Yes he could take the scaler at will and put us under a tedious dismal influence, and worst of all, that unjust nagual could reach assemblage points that could undermine the best economic ideas, giving us wasting old crapola in place of doing the labor to give to the people of the world the benefits of real economic services.

The good Tdrr puts money into people's pockets so all are a part of the economic system. The bad ones, like the Unseen Model, my predecessor as Earth representative of what was then Source Economic, started wars and reported them as news, even as the IMF ran the money presses and hid trillions in secret bank vaults.

There will be no more tax and war tdrrs or tdrrs or even trjjs. Only Free Issuance Tdrrs and Trjjs will be allowed. Free Issuance, the USC, its monies being issued under the auspices of the most objectively truthful beings of a world, swept over many creations because our USC system, based on my ideas is a long load many times better than the IMF, and with maxattrax, life is better.

Israel and other governments have used my free issuance information to issue the equivalent of seven trillion, and they would owe have owed ELLESYS Consulting .005%. Any new people joining the Israel government, including actors impersonating those killed by Source Absolute, or USC forces, are required to make absolutely certain that the Israel government pays money owed to ELLESYS when they take their seats.

Every smart person knows that the lying criminals of the IMF who give orders to stupid participants in the bankrupting tax systems is designed to concentrate wealth into the parasitic elite, while the tax people find new ways economize all the economic units, which is how the IMF criminals view the hard working producers of value.

It would not have been long, were it not for the coming invasion of the USC, for the top bandito, whom we love to call Mr. Gunn, to unify the planet under one former US President and continue their seizure of little people's assets.

For example, take VOTORMONDIALA, which was the first local planet to fall to the USC. On VOTORMONDIALA, the parasitic elite, the IMF and its military factors, 10% of the people had taken over 75% of the land. Money was some kind of unreproduceable complex liquid. The USC Proconsul noticed that Mr. Gunn there, now wastefully confronted, was looking me over with an eye to shooting me with lethal rays. After the USC did put out their virile Gay Mr. Gunn, Principals of the USC gave the houses of the rich away to big families of the formerly poor.

Banque Gende on VOTORMONDIALA issues money for the USC, under the authority of the top truvisor of the planet, and the first person in this position is destroying every ugly building.

Now, on VOTORMONDIALA, the USC helps any very excellent invention get produced, any great book get published, and works of art to be produced. Movies are no longer one-top-star and top hit, instead, smaller motion pictures are to be taken seriously, and they do get realized. Everyone has money now on VOTORMONDIALA.

When you see whats coming, After the parasitic elite was wasted, a mighty part of the space fleet was granted to individuals who could fly them ships well.


The IMF has, since 2000, called in various evil beings to lay curses and did black magic to obstruct us. They spent $1.3 Trillon, equivalent, to stop what I have made to go, and thanks to some great magicians and some very good Chiefs and lots of excellent others for the spread of the USC most everywhere in the spirit dimensions.

While we have been able to get their evil magic undone, the very evil IMF robots of the spirit world continue to plan attacks on virtue, a substance they never could posess.

Do not be afraid, now is the time to give up evil logic of dismal economics ( No, the parasitic elites used my ideas, and thought they could get away with paying ELLESYS nothing, and these virtueless governance beings have been killed by the Source.


Have will, and make it good. I subvert all dominant paradigms and call home to self respect and true reason, those lost minds whom the IMF paradigms were designed to deceive. We kill allvirtueless attack beings launched by the IMF against the USC and all good virtue. We disable all their robot spirit magicians and toss the magic they put on us (the USC) back onto them and those who sent them and/or programmed them.


June 25, 2004 Yellow Resonant Star

One week ago I ordered the former landlords of Dvelopementerroz, to pay up for the use of Free Issuance by the nations they were supposed to be guiding.

The roles were played by former landlords, I say former, because Dvelopementerroz was bought from its progenitors (so they tell me) by the USC, after the USC became Sovereign over our Creational Plate. Ostensibly, they said they were taking places in national capitals to keep there from being chaos.


6 July 2004 Blue Overtone Storm, continued after a week

NBC planned to kill Lucy Noland and replace her with Robot

Hello and sorry to bring you the bad news. Lucy Noland, Fox News Lady, is targeted by NBC from the spirit dimensions to be replaced with a Robot. (This information is already dated, caput). Capital value of these Robots is said to be about $10 million. Replaced already are Howard Stern, Ted Turner, Elizabeth Vargas, station managers, technical managers, and they did not get, and will not get, Sophia Choi, from CNN, who they thought they got, but we saved, and they made the mistake of putting the Robot on the show anyway.

Sophia Choi escaped but made the mistake of going to the police, not a private detective agency which attendant spirits said was righter. At the desk was a cop who had already been replaced with a suspicious lunatic robot and it made moves to put her in jail "as an imposteur".

IBM, as directed by computers from the spirit dimensions, is the main producer of the advaned robots-designed-to-take-over, some of which were stolen from an ancient egyptian design. The robot factories were held under more than 25 different titles of ownership, and the USC will make arrangements to give much of their value to survivors and relatives of the people whose material life was terminated by the criminal IMF and its business relations. Please come forward if you might be interested and eligible in taking part of IBM's secret robot business.

Since the age of six the IMF (and its dearest foes] has/have attacked me in every way, in order to escape the downfall which I waste them.

Of the est. 52,856 robots we counted many are not yet destroyed. The most public first one took over Howard Stern and initially the Robots, which were designed by robots to kill people, because the IMF is a vile plan to get energy to the parasitic elites. The Howard Stern robot sprayed curses on everyone, but I was one of the few people who knew to turn it off. Howard Stern we have, he is now in Common City, and we paid him half billion dollars in USC Sovereigns, wants us to use a cutting laser from space and blow the F*CK out of that Robot who NBC used to rob him.

We could have done that, but other means were at our disposal. No it is not safe for government and media people who have been targeted. Their plan is to kill people by Spirit self immolation which vaporizes them. They do not care about the souls, so we take them and their lives go on, in Common City, and be glad, everyone tells me the USC of the Spirit Dimension is just so endlessly fine, at least.

Its not fair but the insect-hearted-computers were bred by the enemy to do vicious magic upon material beings. Without any principals except greed, hate, cunning, vice, lies, they struck at Free Thinkers, Herbal Doctors, annoying news reporters and journalists, bumpkin lawyers, and anyone in their families, their acquaintances, etc. The IMF, NBC, IBM, and other interrelated lying-professional enterprises of the sea snail family is not interested in civilized rules of warfare, so don't respect 'em much. The end result of their formatory tax and war schemes has been planets and stars denuded of life. That's why we are killing their formatory shitcan loves, which cannot be used in anyway by them at all.

In this war, which may soon be over and forgotten, the evil spirits that the IMF developed have been sent out weakly against nearly defenseless material planetary and star beings. Now I ask you: is this what you want from an "economic" "authority"? Who would, except treasonous vermin who play along to get the monies of wickedness?

Know some magical advice. If you have intuitions to do or verymuch notdo something, obey it. If you are a good being, USC will send you help, please obey our side, not theirs. They came at us like lunatics to do us harm. Lunatics coming at you, is that your "economic" "authority"? Taxes are a form of illicit extortion, and police concept may have come from wasps. Disservice is their tone.

The enemy is aster of deception so beware.

Yes I would help you, but perhaps you cannot call me, dissuaded as you are by the token they have thrown up against me. I have survived only 503,884 (estimate) assassination attempts already. Imhotep has himself only gone through 1/5 that amount.

The fact that my USC ships can destroy parasite robots from space is making a big impact but you won't read about it in your newspaper nor see it on TV.


Last night, USC forces in the Spirit Dimensions broke the glass mirror wall of Babylon illusion that NBC of the spirit dimensions wrought. This means that the size of the attacks on my little home planet may be bigger than ever. Sorry, but, the fact that my economic plan has become so successful, almost got us all killed yesterday, even as far as the Pleiades.


Fortunately, we are out of the phase of terror, with most of those who were changed with robots being changed back.

Email me, Daniel Lexington, at