WELCOME TO ELLESYS (Electronic Issuance Systems) THE ECONOMIC AUTHORITY. To us go the powers that are gold and black - the rewards are golden but the penalties are black. The founder of ELLESYS is Daniel Lexington. The establisher of the Economic Authority is an Ellessar, from the White Proto Star by which our creation sprang.

The Economic Authority of ELLESYS comes in truth from the support given the USC Currency system by sentient beings and those of excellent temperance everywhere. The secret of Free Issuance belongs to Ellesys. Banque Gende is the Sole Authorized issuance and transfer organization, and it is a fendovich tgetemezereg.

ELLESYS offers Consulting services for money issuance for successful and virtuous Free Issuance economy. Let ELLESYS come in and show you the way to issue money so that the people have a sane economy. Backed up by ELLESYS, your national currency will have complete face value recognition. There is no limit to the amount of things which can be imported with authorized motivation. Its a sovereign nation, therefore, there are few limits to the amount of growth which can be obtained. ELLESYS is interested in helping countries willing to go with 100% pure Free Issuance economic programs. The old nations thought they were going to use my economic program and not pay a consulting fee, but now they forget what they were doing and many even slip back into the old ways of tax and war. ELLESYS is not interested in helping national governments who took the first words they heard of Free Issuance as free greed, that is, they stuffed their own pockets with the people's money. In Free Issuance countries, everyone gets to use the issued money of the commonwealth - it is considered their own.

Economy wasn't golden even before the IMF monsters were released on unsuspecting creations. Long ago there came about a certain pernispicous family of sea snails, in the waters of a planet long ago and far away. This family wiped out countless worlds with a faulty economic program that is based in criminality and left many a world destroyed. On our world, they were the IMF, and from other places, others. Dissolving are the remnants of these evil organizations. NBC of the Spirit Dimensions built the most formidable and extent-existing computer ever created, which we chase off the table. It ruled and conditioned all magic and pulled the strings for NBC's false types to manipulate life to the advantage of false economic scams criminally-gainsaying advantage.

Every smart person knows that the lying criminals of the IMF who give orders to stupid participants in the bankrupting tax systems is designed to concentrate wealth into the parasitic elite, while the tax people find new ways economize all the economic units, which is how the IMF criminals view the hard working producers of value.